Tips for Avoiding Leakages With Recircle Cup

We cover some tips so you don't have to see any unexpected red!

If you experience leakage using Recircle Cup, here are some possible reasons with solutions to make your period leakage-free.

1. Your Recircle Cup’s fold did not open inside your vagina

Some women have strong vaginal muscles that push against the walls of the menstrual cup as you put the cup in. This inhibits your cup from opening up properly. You will know when the cup is open, as you’ll feel a suction and it will be quite hard to pull the cup out. If you don’t feel this, do the following.

  • After putting your cup in, pull it down, and push it up once or twice so that the change of position allows it to open up inside.
  • Pinching the base, try and twist your cup once or twice. That will allow the cup to open.
  • Feel the base, and, if possible, the sides of your cup with your forefinger while the cup is in to make sure the cup is open.
  • If you can reach up to the rim of the cup with your finger while it is in, open it using your finger.
  • Try a different fold! I have a hard time opening up the 7 fold inside me. The punch-down fold works best for me. You can experiment with several folds to find the one that works best for you.

2. Your cervix is resting inside your cup

During your period, your cervix can change its position and come a little lower than in normal days. Also, some people generally have a low cervix. It could drop down inside your menstrual cup, which means it will take up space and cause the cup to overflow when it’s not full. To avoid this:

  • You can either empty your cup before it’s full.
  • Use a large cup.
  • Stop pushing your cup high up. Rather let it lie lower in your vagina.

The cup should still last 8-9 hours on your heavy flow days if you’re wearing the right size. On normal flow days, 12 hours are easy-peasy with a menstrual cup.


3. The cup is not resting directly below your cervix

The position of your cup in relation to your cervix is an important factor in causing leakages. The cup needs to be resting just below your cervix. If the cup is not directly below, the blood can slide down the side of your cup and out from your vagina. The image below demonstrates this position.


To solve this issue, you can insert your finger inside your vagina and feel your cervix first. Then, push your cup in that direction. If your cervix is too high and you cannot feel it, and you are experience leakage, just pinch the cup a little from the base and change its position slightly. You will figure out where it works best.

4. Wiping Leaks!

If your cup is wet, and there is leftover blood on the oustide of your vagina, period blood mixed with water might appear as a small leakage later in your pants. Make sure you wipe your vagina before and after putting the cup in to avoid this.