Make your period easier on yourself and the environment

Recircle Cup Colors

Recircle cup comes in White, Purple and Red.


Save money
A reusable cup can last you upto 10 years. This means you'll save a lot in your lifetime that you would otherwise spend on disposable menstrual products.
Reduce waste
On average, a woman will use 11,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. All of these, being mostly plastic, will end up in landfills and stick around for a long time.
Be comfortable
Once properly inserted, you won't feel your cup inside you, and because of its large capacity, you can go upto 12 hours without emptying it.
Stay active
Once your cup is inside you, it stays in place so you can be as active as you want. You can go workout and swim without thinking about leakage.


Does using Recircle Cup hurt?
Inserting your cup the first time can be challenging, though in a few tries it becomes much easier. You should not be able to feel your cup once it’s inside you. If you feel some discomfort or pain, reinserting it for better positioning can help.
Can Recircle Cup get lost inside me?
It can't! There is limited space between your vagina and your cervix. For some women who have a high cervix, the cup can go in a little deep but never so deep that they can’t reach it with their fingers. Read more
Is it safe and hygienic?
Recircle cup is made with medical grade silicone that is safe to insert in your body and does not cause irritation or interfere with your vagina's natural environment. Your cup will arrive sealed and, as you will clean it before use, is safe to insert inside you.
Will using this make me lose my virginity?
If your definition of virginity involves having sex, then using a menstrual cup will not affect it. Inserting the cup will however stretch your hymen. The vagina is incredibly elastic though; it retains its shape so it will be tight again after using the cup.

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With a well-tested product available in different sizes to fit you, we think it will be an easy and worthwhile change.

We'll also help you out by offering our own experiences in using menstrual cups.

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Reviews from Users

“ I've been using tampons all my life but this was a comfortable and clean experience especially for a clean freak like me. I felt I was not on my period at all. ”

- Leena Khan (Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer)

“ By far one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s so easy, so comfortable and so so mess free that sometimes you totally forget you’re on the rag ”

- Tayyaba Khan

“ Thank you for making this available in Pakistan! Loving my purchase. It has made my Menorrhagia much easier to manage. ”

- Haleema Shehryar

“ Thank you for the absolutely amazing product! I have used it twice now and I have loved using it! At first it was hard getting used to it but now I just love how clean my periods go. NO MESS AT ALL, which I thought was never possible. I love the quality and the softness ”

- Hiba

“ This product is revolutionary! The insertion was difficult at first, but because I am a doctor and a mother I wasn't afraid of it. It has a learning curve, but the best thing is that once it's inside me it felt like I wasn't on my period! It was BEATIFUL! Literally no need to check clothes or anything! ”

- Rija (Doctor - Agha Khan Medical University)

“ I am currently going through the happiest, most hassle-free period of my life! The Recircle Cup is the stuff of dreams! I am a spot-free, eco-hazard-free, happily-bleeding-and-roaming-in-white-jeans-girl! ”

- Afifa

“ I was introduced to the menstrual cup by a friend of mine and after a lot of research I wanted to buy one for myself. After experiencing the Recircle Cup, I can vouch that it is the best thing I could have done for myself. It basically makes your period disappear! ”

- Ramsha Khan

“ Thank you for making us feel free. I love my purchase ”

- Tooba Shakil