Which size is right for me?

Let's help you select the right size for your Recircle Cup

Choosing the right size

If you are sexually inactive: Use a Small Cup.

If you are sexually active: For light flow, use a Small Cup. For heavy flow, use a Large Cup.

If you have given birth: Use a Large Cup.


If you are a virgin, we would recommend you start by using our small cup. This is because your vaginal muscles will be tighter, and inserting a bigger cup might be difficult.

The size also affects the capacity of the cup. If you have light to medium flow, you should use our small cup. If you have a heavy flow, use our large cup. Please know that the large Recircle cup is only slightly larger in diameter than the small Recircle cup, so it’s not going to be that big a difference for you to change sizes. If you have given birth vaginally, we recommend you use the large cup because after giving birth your vaginal muscles become weak and so a large cup would hold itself properly in place more easily.

Flow measure

Light Flow: If you change a pad after every 7 - 8 hours during your period

Medium Flow: If you change a pad every 4 - 6 hours during your period

Heavy Flow: If you change your pad every 1- 3 hours during your period

Recircle Cup Small (Left in picture above)

Length: 66mm

Diameter: 40mm

Capacity (upto holes): 25ml

Recircle Cup Large (Right in picture above)

Length: 66mm

Diameter: 43mm

Capacity (upto holes): 32ml