Help A Sister Program

Donate a Recircle Cup to a woman in need and help make her period easy for the years to come
Art by Namal Imran

About The Program

Help A Sister is an initiative that allows you to gift a Recircle Cup to a woman who does not have access to safe and hygienic menstrual products.
To donate a Recircle Cup, you can choose to pay Rs 700 extra with your purchase. If you already have a Recircle Cup and wish to participate in this program, you can simply make the contribution and a cup will be donated.

Help A Sister Program In Daultala, Gujar Khan Tehsil

How The Program Works

The program's purpose is to ensure that every women who receives the cup learns how to use it and benefits from it for many years to come. We employ Community Outreach Managers in areas that we identify for the program and train these managers to deliver sessions on the use of the cup.
We deliver small training sessions in areas where women with financially disadvantaged backgrounds are invited to learn about the cup. At the end of the session, whoever agrees to use the cup is given a Recircle Cup free of cost.

Donate a Recircle Cup

Total: Rs. 700
No delivery charge
You can also donate a cup with your Recircle Cup order.