Three Basic Recircle Cup Folds You Should Try

We'll show you some some basic folds to get you started

A crucial part of inserting a menstrual cup is finding the right fold. There are many folds that you can pick from but the popular ones are C fold (that all menstrual companies recommend and you see on packaging. too), Punchdown fold (my personal favourite), and 7 Fold (my second favourite fold).

C Fold

Simply fold your Recircle Cup in half, and hold it between your thumb and two fingers (forefinger and middle finger). If you see the rim, it looks like a C, hence the name. This fold does not work for me because it’s too big for my vagina.

Step 1 C Fold

Step 2 C Fold

Front View C Fold

Side View C Fold

Punchdown Fold

Using your thumb or forefinger, punch down one side of the rim into your Recircle Cup towards its base. Grab the cup between your thumb and two fingers in this position, with half of the cup inside.

Step 1 Punch Fold

Step 2 Punch Fold

Front View Punch Fold

Side View Punch Fold

Seven Fold

Grab the cup, push one side of the rim to touch the cup’s base of the adjacent side- from the outside. The rim of the cup makes a 7.

Step 1 Seven Fold

Step 2 Seven Fold

Front View Seven Fold

There are many many other folds, but these three are the most famous ones. You need to pick a fold that allows your Recircle Cup to pop open easily inside of you and form a suction. For me, the punch down fold works best, especially because the tip of the cup becomes tiny, so I can easily insert it in. If you want to experiment with more folds, here is a video that you can watch.