Common Concerns

We look at some concerns women have with using menstrual cups

Q. Can virgin women use Recircle cup?

Yes! When folded, Recircle cup’s tip becomes as small as the width of your middle finger (with a punch down fold, and 7 fold)See folds. As you push the cup in, your vaginal muscles expand and make way for the rest of the cup to be put inside. If you haven’t had sex, your vaginal muscles will be tighter and insertion can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with your anatomy. It is likely that you will rupture your hymen too, because the cup will cause it to stretch. The vagina is incredibly elastic though, and retains its shape after stretching, so it will tighten again after using the cup. Also, you should know that medically, the condition of your hymen does not define virginity. If you haven’t had sex, you’re a virgin! You just need to relax while putting the cup in and know the insertion process. It should cause no or little pain.

Q. Can Recircle cup get lost inside me?

It can’t! There is limited space between your vagina and your cervix. For some women who have a high cervix, the cup can go in a little deep but never so deep that they can’t reach it with their fingers. The diagram below shows you that it is practically impossible for the cup to be lost inside.

Cup Position

Q. How many hours can I keep Recircle Cup inside without leakage?

This depends on your period flow. For light period flow, the small size can last you 12 hours easily. For medium flow, the small cup will need to be emptied after 8-10 hours. The large cup can last you for upto 12 hours on a medium flow. On your second day of period (which is usually the day for the heaviest flow), you might have to empty the cup every 6- 8 hours. We recommend that on your first use, you remove the cup after 4 hours of use and check how full it is, which will give you an estimate of how long your cup-emptying-time is.

Q. Is it disgusting to use Recircle cup?

If you find period blood disgusting, you first need to come to terms with the fact the a menstrual cup will catch your period blood. The fact that the blood comes out of your vagina does not make it disgusting. This might be the first time you’ll ever see so much blood up close (given that you take the cup out and examine it). However, you can completely avoid looking at your period blood too by emptying the cup inside the toilet just as you take it out of your vagina. Very little will remain on the inside of the cup which you will have to wash out, but hey, it’s your blood, pure and natural.

Q. How will I know when to empty my Recircle cup?

Recircle cup has 4 air-holes close to the rim. If the cup fills up to the rim, it will cause bubbles to come out of the air-holes. You will feel the bubbling effect, and know that it’s full! Also, obviously if the cup is too full you will experience leakage. The bubbling happens BEFORE you experience leakage so watch out for that. With the heaviest of flows, Recircle cup will last at least 4 hours (heaviest meaning if you change a sanitary pad every hour). It can be used for upto 12 hours for light to medium flow.

Q. Can I swim with Recircle cup?

Recircle cup seals your vagina, and so there is no risk while you swim. However, you need to be sure that the cup’s suction is activated and your vagina is sealed completely before you step in the pool to avoid any embarrassing situations. If you’re new to using menstrual cups, we would recommend that you give yourself some time to get used to the cup before swimming and ensuring it doesn’t leak.

Q. How will I know if my Recircle cup’s suction is activated?

When your cup is fully open inside, it will automatically create a suction effect. You will know that the suction is activated, because pulling the cup out will not be easy and you will feel the suction force as you pull it out.

Q. Is it normal for my vagina to hurt when the cup is inside?

No, you should not be able to feel your Recircle cup once it’s inside. If you feel some discomfort or pain, please take the cup out and reinsert it. If you feel some discomfort or pain, reinserting it for better positioning can help.

Q. How do I decide which Recircle cup size to purchase?

If you are a virgin, we would recommend you start by using our small cup. This is because your vaginal muscles will be tighter, and inserting a bigger cup can be a little tricky. However, the size basically only changes capacity of the cup. If you have light to medium flow, you should use a small Recircle cup. If you have a heavy flow, use a large Recircle cup. Please that the large recricle cup is only slightly larger in diameter than the small Recircle cup, so it’s not going to make a huge difference.

Q. How am I saving the environment by using recricle cup?

An average woman uses over 11,000 pads in her lifetime. All this waste is filling up landfills. On top of this, most sanitary pads and tampons are non-biodegradable. The packaging that comes with them is also plastic which again is non-biodegradable. Recircle Cup is reusable and made of medical graded silicone, which is unreactive with chemicals, and can be reused for up to 10 years. This makes Recircle cup much more environment friendly. One cup, no chemicals, reduced burden on the environment.