Our Comfy Period Box

Look forward to your period every month with our subscription box of feel-good items that don't harm the environment.
Art by Namal Imran

About the Comfy Period Box

The idea behind our period subscription box is to get you excited for your period every month. When your period arrives to give you cramps and soreness, we hope to bring you comfort and joy.
We offer you curated items, from snacks to self-care essentials, made by Pakistani businesses and wrapped in sustainable packaging. We also include exclusive discount codes for you to use.

February 2020 Box

1. Caramel Body Butter: pamper yourself after a hot shower and get rid of winter dryness.
2. Organic Magnesium Oil: massage on your body to get rid of cramps and soreness.
3. Handcrafted Chocolate Bar: indulge yourself with some sweet chocolate on your period.
4. Perfume Sample: smell good and feel good.
5 & 6: these will be a surprise! Hint: nice smells and more snacks.
Items change each month. Some will be announced beforehand while others will be a surprise.

Get Your Comfy Period Box

Delivery Date
Let us know what date you would like the comfy period box delivered. You can select a date 5 days from today until the end of February.
Get this box every month
We'll contact you before next month's delivery to confirm your order.
Total: Rs. 2000
Excludes delivery charge
Add a Recircle Cup to your comfy period box and get 10% off your cup.