Cleaning Instructions for Recircle Cup

Cleaning your menstrual cup properly is perhaps the most important thing for you to stay healthy and comfortable during your period. Here are some important tips.
  1. To disinfect your cup every month, before boiling it, put it in a pot full of clean water (preferably drinking water) and add quarter of a sanitation tablet or 1-2 drops of vinegar or 1-2 drops of Dettol in the water. Keep the cup in for 10-15 minutes. Silicone is naturally bacteria-resistant so this step is optional.

  2. Follow the first step with boiling your cup in clean water for 5 minutes every time before your period starts and after it ends. We recommend using drinking water for boiling the cup and not regular tap water.

  3. During your period, wash the cup with clean water and soap (preferably oil free and fragrance free for extending the life of your cup, but regular soap is fine too).

  4. When washing the cup, wash it with cold clean water first and then hot water to avoid stains setting in the silicone.

  5. If you notice the colour going light or stains setting in, don’t worry about it. Silicone does inevitably lose its colour. But you can keep your cup under the sun once a month to delay discolouration.

  6. Make sure you clean the air holes of your cup every month. Use a toothpick or an old toothbrush for this purpose.

  7. Your Recircle Cup needs to breathe! Please avoid keeping your menstrual cup in an airtight container. Store your cup in the breathable, unbleached,cotton pouch we send it to you in, because depriving it from oxygen can compromise the quality of the material. The pouch can be washed too! If you lose your pouch, you can always request us to send you a new one (delivery cost will be charged).

Hope this helped! Feel free to inbox us for any questions.